Planning & Zoning

Instructions for Building Permit Applications
1.  Review the Town of Red River Planning and Zoning Ordinances:

Ordinance 2011-01 (Sign Ordinance)

Ordinance 2010-05 (Building Permit fees)

Ordinance 2008-03 (Steep Slope)

Ordinance 2007-1 (Setbacks)

Ordinance 2007-6

Ordinance 2006-01 (Zero Setback on Main Street)

Ordinance 2004-05 (Original Ordinance)

Ordinance 2004-1

Ordinance 2000-5

2.  Fill out Town of Red River Building Permit.  Submit form to the Town of Red River.

3.  Get information on State Building Permit Application at the State of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department.

4.  Get approvals from the Town of Red River Planning and Zoning Department and the Fire Department.

5. Complete (3) three copies of plans and layouts to include:

Showing Boundary, Dimensions, Street Names, Structure Location, Dimensions to Eave Lines, and Dimensions from Eave Lines to nearest property line (EXISTING and PROPOSED), Driveway, walkways, Utility Easements, Parking Plans, Snow Stacking Areas.

Showing Floor Plans with ingress and egress clearly dimensioned, Location of Smoke Detection and Fire Protection Systems, Minimum of (2) two Elevations, Foundation Plan, Roof Plan, Section Details; Wall, Floor, Roof, Mechanical, Architectural Style and External Materials to be used, Number of Units, Sign Locations as required (May require addition of Permit Application).

6. Fees Paid. Application fees are due at the time the approved plans and permit are picked up. The fees are based on square footage and can be found in Ordinance 2010-05. These fees do not include any Town of Red River water or sewer tap fees or any State of New Mexico fees for Building, Electrical or mechanical permits.

The Building Permit and Approved Plans will NOT be released until all applicable Town of Red River fees have been paid.


For more information
Dick Wilkerson, P&Z Administrator
575-754-6567  X 101





  • Red River and Main Street from the East (Carl Brown)

  • Town Fishing Pond (Glenn Hastings)

  • View of the Town from Ski Area (Glenn Hastings)

  • Town Hall (Glenn Hastings)

  • Red River Valley (Ron Weathers)

  • View of the Town from Ski Area (Glenn Hastings)