Red River, NM, Current Weather

Current Weather Conditions in Red River, NM

Current Conditions
3:15 PM on 11/25/2015
Temperature43° F
WindW at 1 mph
Peak WindW at 1 mph
Wind AverageW at 1 mph
Wind Chill43° F
Barometer30.52 in
3HR Baro. Change-0.08 in
Dew Point19° F
Heat Index43° F
Rainfall0.00 in
Rainfall Rate0.00 in/hr

Weather History
High Temperature47° F at 1:08 PM
Low Temperature28° F at 12:04 AM
High WindNW 40 mph at 11:55 AM
Low Wind Chill23° F at 12:04 AM
High Humidity66% at 12:00 AM
Low Humidity22% at 10:24 AM
High Barometer30.70 in at 12:00 AM
Low Barometer30.49 in at 1:58 PM
Rainfall0.00 in

Weather History
High Temperature43° F at 1:42 PM
Low Temperature13° F at 5:36 AM
High WindNW 41 mph at 2:42 PM
Low Wind Chill F at 5:36 AM
High Humidity87% at 4:59 AM
Low Humidity34% at 1:12 PM
High Barometer31.12 in at 6:43 AM
Low Barometer30.67 in at 9:43 PM
Rainfall0.00 in

Weather History
High Temperature88° F at 4:25 PM on 6/22/2015
Low Temperature-5° F at 6:58 AM on 3/5/2015
High WindNW 48 mph at 5:19 PM on 4/8/2015
Low Wind Chill-16° F at 5:14 AM on 1/23/2015
High Humidity100% at 4:28 AM on 2/2/2015
Low Humidity7% at 12:28 PM on 3/15/2015
High Barometer31.46 in at 7:13 AM on 11/22/2015
Low Barometer29.84 in at 4:26 PM on 6/22/2015
Rainfall30.48 in since 1/1/2015

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