pine trees


Just how high is Red River?

With an altitude of 8,750 feet, Red River's elevation can take a day or two to get used to, especially if you're living at sea level. To help you acclimate, drink plenty of water, don't overdo it physically, eat healthfully and get a good night's sleep.

How's the weather in Red River?

We think it's pretty perfect, with four seasons and an average winter temperature of 40 degrees in the daytime and 12 degrees at night. The average summer temperature is 75 degrees in the daytime and 38 degrees at night. The average winter snowfall of 188 inches makes Red River a skier's paradise.

What kind of wildlife resides in Red River?

Keep your eyes open for black bar, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, bobcats, elk, mule deer, beaver, chipmunks and many other mountain critters.

How many bird species have been spotted in Red River?

A lot, including Broadtail and Rufous Hummingbird, Tree Swallow, Mountain Bluebird, Robin, Junco, Gray Jay, Stellar's Bluejay, Woodpecker, Golden Eagle, Ringneck Dove, Owl, Red-tail Hawk, Chickadee, Evening Grosbeak, Nuthatch, Magpie and several others.

What kind of fish can you catch in Red River?

You can catch German Brown, Rainbow, Brook and Cutthroat Trout in Red River's waters and Pike and Salmon in nearby waters.

Are those towering trees ponderosa pines?

Yes, the ponderosa pine is one of the tallest trees in the Southwest. You'll also see aspens, Douglas firs, silver and blue spruces, cottonwoods and red willows.

What kind of wildflowers grow in Red River?

You can find more than 250 species of wildflowers, including Columbine, Cinquefoil, Mariposa Lily, Scarlet Paintbrush, Mountain Iris, Daisy, Fireweed, Fairy Trumpets, Aster, Penstemon, Indian Blanket.

Why is the town called Red River?

Red River was named for the river that runs through town, originating from the northern slopes of Wheeler Peak, New Mexico's tallest mountain at 13,167 feet.